Arthurian Tarot



This Tarot deck by Anna-Marie Ferguson follows the Rider-Waite cards, but recreates them in terms of Arthurian legend, to incorporate characters like King Arthur, Guenevere, Merlin and The Lady of the Lake, objects like the Holy Grail, and locations like Camelot.

Compared with other ‘themed’ tarot decks, this re-imagining works quite well, since the familiar Rider-Waite deck itself is already rooted in medieval imagery, religious motifs, costumes and architecture, and this deck takes the chance to use these features in a bright and appealing way.

The quality of the watercolors is very high, very detailed and inspiring, and many users report that this deck has become their favourite one to use for their readings. There is plenty of new detail in the cards to discover each time you use them.



Some people believe this is not a beginner deck, while actual beginners themselves often say they found the deck easy and inspiring to use, so it is up to you!  If you have an interest in tales of Arthur and Merlin the deck is likely to work for you.


Supporting material

The deck comes with a book called Keeper of Words, which explains the cards and the stories of the Arthurian legends and characters.


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