Llewellyn tarot


This is another deck which follows the structure of the well-known Rider-Waite tarot. However, the cards of the Major Arcana are here reinterpreted in a very sensual way in terms of Welsh legends and mythology.

For example in the Llwellyn tarot deck, The Magician becomes Gwydion ( a hero from the Mabinogion), Death becomes Arawn (a king of the Otherworld in the Mabinogion), The Emperor becomes Bran the Blessed (a giant and mythical king of Britain) and the Hierophant becomes Taliesin (a famous Dark age Welsh poet or bard). The Mabinogion itself is a collection of originally oral stories, which date from early medieval times.

The Minor Arcana cards of the Llwellyn deck are more obviously directly inspired by the Rider-Waite images, but are rendered in a more detailed and expressive way, and are also wider. As an example here are the three of wands cards from each deck:

Users report that the cards seem softer and less stark than the deck which inspired them, and so less intimidating for some for whom readings are done. The quality of the artwork is very high, and the integration of the Welsh legends and stories into the tarot tradition works well.


The cards are suitable for beginners and for more experienced users, and for meditation.

Supporting material

The deck comes with a book which explores the Welsh legends on which the cards of the Major Arcana are based, and what the cards mean, and a protective bag for the cards. It also gives some suggested spreads you can use.


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