Animals Divine Tarot



This colorful and beautiful tarot deck is renowned for the quality of its artwork, its realistic and energetic animals, and its clever reinterpretations.

It follows the Rider-Waite series in terms of the 78 named cards in the suites of the major and Minor Arcana, but it is completely re-imagined to feature animals of all kinds, and powerful supernatural beings and gods and goddesses from many cultures (the ‘Divine’).

For example, the traditional tower card is named (at the bottom) XVI – The Tower, but the illustration features eagles and (at the top) the card is called ‘Thunderbirds’.

The King of Cups features Poseidon, surrounded by sea creatures like dolphins and seals.

‘The Fool’ is shown as coyote.

A few cards are renames, for example Card XV, traditionally ‘The Devil’, is renamed as ‘Challenge’, or Rhiannon, the Welsh Queen, or goddess of the moon.

This sort of iconography may seem trite, but it is extremely well realized by the talented artist Lisa Hunt, and users are very positive about the cards. While the iconography is new, users of the old Rider Waite series will be able to adapt easily to make readings with the Animals Divine set, due to the deliberate correspondence.

The suites of the Minor Arcana feature animals relating to the elements they traditionally encompass – the Cups suite has sea animals, the Swords suite has birds of the air, Pentacles as mammals of the earth, and Wands has insects and reptiles.

Along with the animals, spiritual and religious imagery from various sources and cultures is incorporated in the Major Arcana and the court cards  – Native American, Ancient Egyptian, Roman, Celtic, Hindu, Norse, Inca and more.



The cards are probably best used by those who already have some experience with Tarot cards, or who are willing to put in some hard work to learn about this deck’s power.  Because many of the cards do not feature human forms at all, there are no ready-made ‘stories’ jumping out, and users reading the cards will have to look deeper for the symbolism and insight, rather than attaching a narrative to the cards (as many more traditional cards with human vignettes allow).

The cards would be suitable for personal meditation, for those at any level.

Though the cards have obvious benefits for those following shamanistic paths, they are of much wider benefit, and often become a user’s ‘favorite’ deck.

The cards measure 2 3/4″ x 4 5/8″ and can be easily shuffled.


Supporting material

The accompanying high quality book gives guidance on the meanings of the cards, and some spreads to use.

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