Psychic Tarot



While based loosely on the traditional Rider Waite deck, this beautiful and striking tarot set has moved a long way from it.

Its 22 Major Arcana cards are given new names, like Disruption (The Tower), Awareness (the Magician) and Power (Strength)  – and strong, human images. The court cards are dispensed with, and the suites of the Minor Arcana are renamed to Spirit (Wands), Mental (Swords), Physical (Coins) and Emotions (Cups). In another departure from ‘traditional’ decks, cards for the seven Chakras are also added, which is an innovation that will appeal particularly to those who are familiar with these energies.

The Minor Arcana are also differentiated by their background color. Here are some examples of these cards, one from each:


Users will be impressed by the high quality and sensitive artwork, and the gilding on the cards. Those users who don’t ‘connect’ or empathize with the Rider-Waite cards or close copies because of their old fashioned religious symbolism or because their Rosicrucian imagery seems outdated will appreciate the more modern appeal of the Psychic Tarot deck.



The deck has been designed for a novice to use, as the symbolism and associations of the cards are made explicit (Disruption, Awareness, Temptation, Material Harvest, Discontent and Boredom), while there is enough in the illustrations to add a level of ambiguity, and allow a sophisticated reader to develop more complex readings. The colors and inbuilt numerology allow further levels of interpretation. The almost photorealistic faces often reminded me of someone I know, which mayor may not affect my readings in the future.

Purists will see this deck more as an Oracle deck than a Tarot deck, but most querents  and their readers will appreciate the Psychic Tarot as an easy to understand but sophisticated tool.

The cards are pliable and easy to shuffle. They measure 5 x 3 ½ inches.


Supporting material

The deck comes with a booklet which explains its use, and comment that the deck is designed both for novice user and for those with experience with other tarot decks.

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