Deviant Moon tarot



This quirky, original and extremely striking deck is the sort of set you either love or hate at first sight.

While based on the Rider Waite cards, it is a complete re-imagining of that deck, in some ways darker and more forceful, and will not suit every user.

Held together by its surreal, twisted and fascinating (and often multi-limbed) figures, its earthy sky colors and the pale moon which appears in various phases in every scene, the cards of the deck really demands attention and an emotional or visceral response, which may or may not make your readings flow more easily.

Consider the Two of Pentacles, often seen as a card of change, with other likely interpretations including the need for balance, news, messages, troubles, or difficulties. The Rider Waite card has a dancing male juggler holding two pentacles within an analemma, with a troubled sea and floating ships behind. While picking up on the dancing, and the two pentacles in hand, the Deviant Moon version of the card has the figure as an exotic femalebelly dancer in an Eastern setting, with hair alive and her body in perfect balance. The connection with the original card is obvious, but the reinterpretation is glamorous and fascinating.

The artist, Patrick Valenza, claims to have taken three years to create the cards, and as each one is so inspired and so unique you can really see why it took so long.


Though based on the Rider Waite deck, the fascinating Deviant Moon cards really carry strong messages all of their own, which a reader with some insight and intuition should be able to pick up easily. Readings will have to be carried by the strong figures on the cards alone, and what they wear and what they are doing, as they usually fill the whole stage. Some users may find the overall world of the cards a bit ominous and bleak, though as usual with great Tarot decks, there is enough ambiguity for any reading.

The cards measure 5 ¼ x 2 ¾ inches, and so are on the large side for handling.

Supporting material

The deck comes with a useful supporting book, with card and reversed card meanings.
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